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Banned Books Week crosses the pond

August 23, 2016 R. Wolf Baldassarro 0

With support from the American Library Association (ALA), U.K. organizations have united to host Banned Books Week programs throughout London, demonstrating that censorship is not confined to the United States.

Detroit: The Little Library Capital

August 10, 2016 R. Wolf Baldassarro 1

A simple idea is having an extraordinary impact on literacy and local communities: take a book, leave a book. Students walk up, open the door of a dollhouse-sized wooden box, and take a book. They can keep it, return it, or replace it with one which they have already enjoyed, […]

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A directory of what to watch, read

August 4, 2016 R. Wolf Baldassarro 0

The Nadine Gordimer test The Censor Board’s decision to block access to an important movie on contemporary issues about India once again points towards its complicity with the Indian nanny state that tells us what to eat, what to see, what to wear, who to love, when to marry, who […]

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Book burners and gun banners

July 19, 2016 R. Wolf Baldassarro 0

Cars, trucks, airplanes, guns, knives and computers are not supposed to be used in a criminal act; yet, every day they are. Last week, a terrorist in Nice, France, managed to kill more people with a truck than has any single mass shooter. Yet, no one is calling for a […]